Cindy Novotny

hello, I'm cindy! Thanks for stopping by.

I am Cindy Novotny and my goal in life has always been to become the best I could be and to help others do the same.  I created my own definition of the word Passion; it is a combination of love and anger and if you really love something, it should royally tick you off when it doesn’t go right.  Therefore, professional success, success in marriage, raising my daughter, helping my family and giving more than I could ever hope to get back is a result of my PASSION!  No kidding, I am a ‘take no prisoner,’ friend and a kick ass mentor.  I have been helping people all over the world get what they want out of their life both personally and professionally. I am the real deal. I don’t pretend that just positive thinking, climbing a ropes course or walking on hot coals will get you to success.  I believe that hard work, straight talk, focus and a commitment to get where you want to in life is done by taking control of your destiny.  I help people live the life they want to live - not the life they think they ‘have’ to live.  My passion is all about coaching and developing people to achieve their goals, so they find their passion as well.  I wrote the book “Living with No Balance and Loving It,” which shows how professionals and working parents can live full lives while giving their children the gift of expanding their world. I have built a successful company from scratch, starting with only business cards and a telephone.  I have never had the benefit of an ‘angel investor’ to build my company.  I did it the old fashioned way; hard work and grit. I am a global citizen traveling 50 weeks a year, never settling down for more than a few days.  I am in the middle of it all and I share my stories daily.  I was born on a nuclear Army Base in Washington, and to this day, everyone says  I ‘glow’ with an unbelievable energy and they wish they could “bottle me up and take me home.” Well, I want to give some of that energy to you! You’re invited to enjoy my online TV show, CindyTV, read my blog, watch my YouTube videos and follow along with my real life travel and adventures. This is the life I chose and helping you become the best ‘YOU’ is what I offer! If you’re ready for a radical transformation, you’ve come to the right place.

Professional bio:

Cindy Novotny has been branded the “Radical Mentor” by thousands of executives around the world for her straight forward, no nonsense approach to leadership. Cindy is recognized by the Association of Talent Development (ATD) as one of nine most powerful and innovative speakers and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Training Magazine, Successful Meetings, and broadcast live on the BBC. Cindy spans the globe speaking to vast audiences that range from line employees to top executives. She has also shared the stage with global leaders such as former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) recognized Cindy as one of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing. The Award is given for the most innovation, vision and achievement in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Energy, passion, and drive guarantee Cindy’s message will captivate each person in her audience. Her targeted message and popularity has no boundaries as she addresses groups around the world. Her charismatic, humorous, no nonsense approach, combined with in-depth knowledge, bring an audience alive with reality-based skills and cutting edge training technology. As the author of the book “LIVING WITH NO BALANCE…And Loving It!” Cindy challenges people to feel good about trying to do it all and living in a less than balanced world. Her message applies to anyone interested in having a fulfilling life. A true “road warrior,” she travels almost 50 weeks per year delivering her message to diverse groups of people and industries worldwide. Cindy began her company, Master Connection Associates, in 1989. MCA is a premiere international consulting and training organization that specializes in service delivery, sales and leadership performance. MCA’s work contributed to client success including The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company earning an unprecedented two Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards!