Cindy Novotny



This week I heard the phrase ‘WTF’ used in more ways than one.  Of course we all know what the phrase means when we can’t even believe what we see or hear, but there are so many more uses for these initials.

  • Wait till Friday
  • What’s the fire
  • What the font
  • Weekly top five
  • What’s the foolishness
  • Wasn’t that funny
  • Wednesday – Thursday – Friday
  • Work time fun
  • Worse than failure
  • Will to fight
  • Worst to first
  • Wow that’s fantastic
  • What to fix
  • What’s this for
  • Where’s the food
  • Wisdom, truth faith

I had to laugh out loud when I heard a few of these and then we Googled so many more.  One of the "WTFs" did actually stand out to me though so today I want to focus on ‘wisdom, truth and faith’.  


Every day you wake up with the ability to turn over a new page in your life.  Learning while living creates the drive to face reality and get better with each waking moment.  Studies show that 80% of people will work hard during their first year of employment to really learn their job.  Second year on the job many get lazy, complacent, stop learning as much and in turn they level off without ever getting much better.  After ten years with no on-going training and development these same people are no more productive than they were after one year!  But if you are a part of the 20% ‘A’ players, you keep learning, growing and improving.  That is wisdom!


It is all transparent today.  You can’t hide.  Everyone sees through Mr. Cellophane and you never want to be that person.  Any wise individual will tell you that you never can hide from the truth - it always catches up with you.  For you to unlock your potential, you first have to face the truth.  What do you need to do and how will you live a life of honesty and passion?


At the end of the day, you need to have faith in what you are doing and who want to be.   Without your True North you will never hit the target.  Trust your gut and follow your instincts.  Faith should not be blind but should be trusted.