Cindy Novotny

Who is Your Mentor?


When it comes to mentorship many organizations try and force a ‘mentor program’ which often doesn’t work.  A mentor must be a trusted adviser, someone who puts your best interests before their own.  I am so proud to have my own father as a mentor.  Both of my parents have been incredible role models to me my entire life and in different ways they have become my mentors.  But in business, my father is my rock. His own success in sales, leadership, education and training have helped us build our business and continue to help me thrive in this crazy world. 

In addition to his vast experience in organizational development, he keeps me motivated every week.  Just this week he started sending me daily ‘tips’ on many topics.  The one I received just yesterday is so critical to business today.  We were talking about competition and he made it very clear why so many people fail at selling against the competition.  His point – ‘when you are selling against competitors or they are selling against you, the question isn’t your competitive advantage, it is - are you really competing against them or are they competing harder to win the business?’

Simple but not easy.  Most people give up too fast because they don’t want to fight and compete harder. 

There’s a certain competency ALL WINNERS must possess. I know I have it… do you?  You need the HUNGER TO SUCCEED.  Not once in a while, but every time. In order to do that, the winning competitor knows every strength and WEAKNESS about both the competition and the customer.  So I leave you with this….

  • Be Hungry
  • Be Aware
  • Be Analytical
  • Be Strategic

This was my lesson this week from my mentor.  If you don’t have a mentor – find one!  A few tips when looking for a great mentor:

  1. The relationship is critical and will evolve into a mentorship – not the other way around
  2. Look for character rather than competency – look for self-awareness
  3. Reach out to a person who you feel you can learn from and ask for their time
  4. Become a mentor yourself – you will learn so much from each other
  5. Put egos aside and open up to learning