Cindy Novotny

When Will You Finally Get Things Done?


I am a firm believer in getting things done NOW!  I can’t understand how so many people simply can’t meet deadlines, be on time, and have an organized home and office while constantly living in chaos.  

What comes to mind when I see people who are always behind in tasks is the word “accountability.”  Of course accountability means different things to different people.   Some people are professional ‘dumpers,’ meaning they wait until the last minute to ask for help or even worse, they just ‘dump’ their to-do's on someone else.  

To be clear, ‘dumping’ is not delegating.  And ‘dumping’ will often backfire as the person you ask to do the task is not as committed to the outcome as the owner of the task.  

So let’s go back to the topic of getting things done and not passing the buck!  Here are some of my tips that allow me to live on the road, stay focused, meet my deadlines and still have a life.

  1. Eat the big frog first.  Get up in the morning and tackle the toughest tasks first – the hard call to that client, the uncomfortable meeting with an employee, the detailed proposal or even a simple conversation with someone in your personal life that is causing you issues (oh and by the way if you have never heard the term ‘eat the big frog first’) just imagine having to eat 5 frogs – would you really want to start with the small one and at the end swallow that big frog?  Start with the big one and all others go down easier!!!  Just sayin'!
  2. Stop complaining about ‘overload’.  If you are constantly complaining about being overwhelmed, overloaded or overworked it is YOUR problem and no one else’s.   What have you done to get yourself organized?  How do you plan your day?  How do you prioritize?   
  3. Stop being tired!  You signed up for this gig so stop complaining.  Get more sleep and take responsibility for your relationships
  4. Take a mental health day and get out of your own way!
  5. Want more out of your life?  Put more planning in to it.