Cindy Novotny

The Wonder of a Routine Life!


It has been said that a ‘routine is what keeps life sane.’  But who is to say that routine means "working in the same place, doing the same things every day"?  To have wanderlust should not be the resistance to routine, in fact it is the opposite. 

People try all the time to change up their routine.  I hear friends say they have tried sleeping on a different side of the bed.  Some have tried meditation, starting a garden, switching coffee brands, learning to play an instrument or paint, listening to alternative music or taking a new route home from work.  Everyone is trying to find a ‘change in routine.’  But what if your life is like mine?  A different bed every few days, in a different hotel, in a new city with new people - this is my routine.  Life is a great experiment and I try hard to play, seek and enjoy the novelty of my routine. 

Instead of trying to make things so different, why don’t you enjoy the wonder of your own life?  Learn to play, seek and enjoy the life you are living without searching for something else.  Many people spend so much time trying to find the ‘next new thing,’ that they don’t see the newness right in front of them.  Open up your eyes and play with this life right now