Cindy Novotny

The Best Skilled Player May Not Be Able to Win the Game!  


I love the analogy of sports and business even though I am a novice in the sports arena.  But, I still have strong opinions about talent, skill, attitude and strategy both in business and in sports.  In the NFL’s biggest game, with a loud and excited crowd, the old master failed at one play he needed to make while the underdog executed his play to perfection. 

My Super Bowl celebration was a bit different as I was working in Australia.  But, in between meetings on Monday, I watched online what I could.  What I did see of the game proved to me that you can never be too sure of yourself and never be too confident that you will always win.

In business just like sports, there is always a play that changes it all - the very thin margin between winning and losing.  It seems like a small thing to decide such a significant game.  The success of a quarterback catching a ball rather than throwing it surprised the most dominant team in the NFL – just like that!

I read in an article this morning that Eagles QB Nick Foles later said when describing the mental approach that allowed him to handle the moment suddenly thrust upon him,  “You need to worry about the little things.”  YES!

This is music to my ears!  I always tell people, the saying that "you don’t have to sweat the small stuff" is rubbish.  Yes you do, to win!

So the greatest quarterback in NFL history could not beat the ‘career fill-in’; the player the team had to turn to when they needed someone to play while they looked for a better replacement.  Foles was labeled as the worst quarterback Tom Brady had ever faced in a Super Bowl.  Foles stepped up when Philadelphia’s star quarterback Carson Wentz had a season ending injury and ended up as the Super Bowl MVP.

Never rest on your laurels, always pay attention to the little things, improve your communication during the game and stop making so many mistakes.  Lessons learned on the field are also true in the board room.