Cindy Novotny

Tell a Good Story and Make a Difference!


Standing out today is difficult.  Everyone has a similar product or service to offer their customers.  In order to close more business you need to create a purposeful story that will engage your prospective customers to listen to you.  Good story tellers are game changers

People buy on emotion most of the time and a good story that resonates with a potential customer will make them remember you.  Your job is not to constantly educate, but excite a prospect on your product.  Recently I met a sales person who felt it was their job to show the customer how smart they were, how much they knew and how important they were.  This didn’t go over so well and although the customer may remember them, it will be because they asked the sales person to stop talking and ended the meeting.

Don’t waste anyone’s time spewing information; engage, excite and get the sale executed.  Your job is to make people want to listen to you, enjoy your conversation and want more.  If you get good at this type of selling with stories, you will always win more business!