Cindy Novotny

work ethic

Do You Have the Stamina To Start Your Own Business?


It looks so easy.  Set up a DBA, create a logo/brand, get business cards, corporate email, phone number and you are good to go!  Not so fast.  In today’s crazy, competitive world, you can no longer dream your way to success or succeed by copying someone else.  Achieving your most important goal in business today comes with ‘heavy lifting’ and few people make the cut.

On Sunday while I watched the girls tryout for the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team, it reminded me just how hard you have to work today to be the best.  The world watches as you compete, your scores are in front of everyone and you are competing against the best of the best.  This is stamina and it takes guts, hard work and passion to win.

So what traits do you need to possess to reach your full potential?  

Here are my traits for success:
1.    Have lots of energy
2.   Know how to sell your ideas and persuade others to buy into these ideas
3.   Know who to go to for help
4.   Have a positive outlook for the future. When the world seems to be falling apart – grab on to your positive energy and be a winner
5.   Learn how to find a better way to solve a problem – there is always a solution
6.   Opportunity knocks on doors every day and few people open those doors – let them all in!
7.   Don’t tiptoe around issues – fall down and get back up
8.   Be a great communicator
9.   Be honest and trustworthy
10.  Be the person who fights for their company, their employees and their customers