Cindy Novotny


Delight in the Festive Season of Joy!


Regardless of what you celebrate over the next few weeks, it is so important to take some time and enjoy the spirit of what is around you.

Stop whatever you are doing right now and just be glad you are alive and living your dream, (or trying to live that dream).  This time of year gets so busy with hustle and bustle, but I always stop to enjoy the beauty of the season.  Whether it is a Christmas tree in an airport, a snowy runway in Korea, or a balmy afternoon in Bali, I somehow find delight in each moment.  Do you?

Stop whatever you are doing right now and just be glad you are alive and living your dream...
— Cindy Novotny

The beauty of the world continues to amaze me and whether you travel or not, whether your life is going as planned or not, you need to keep everything in context and smile, laugh and even relish in a tear or two.  I have learned that change is a part of my life.  No matter how much I plan and try to control every part of my life, something always throws it in a different direction.  

I always have to be ready and ‘fit’ for change and challenge.  The flights that are canceled, the holiday plans that go in a different direction or the client that wants to meet with you on Christmas Eve (and there is no getting out of it)!

When you delight in this constant change and movement, your body adjusts much easier.  People wonder how I can fly around the world, give a speech and fly back without missing a beat.  It is my delight in life, my constant energy of movement and my ability to know there are no other choices - I made my choice when I signed up for this job.  That is why I don’t have stress over the holidays; because I have come to believe nothing will remain the same and that is OK with me.  

So delight in this festive time and remember to slow down and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa.  


Leave this world a little better than you found it.
— Robert Baden-Powell

Today I did just that.   While at the airport in Toronto, I had several examples of helping people out.  I saved someone from losing their phone,  I helped a woman with her bag and ended up actually enjoying my 2 hour delayed flight as I sat eating salsa and crackers for dinner while people watching.  All the kids were bored stiff and drove their parents crazy running around but I became their entertainment as I engaged with them to take their minds off of the wait.  After all, we are all just living life no matter how crazy it gets.  So cheers to Thursday and in case you are thinking about what this day can mean to you, just remember that every single one of us has the opportunity to be thankful.   Since Thursday starts with a T, let's have a thankful Thursday and enjoy the day.  After all, tomorrow is Friday!