Cindy Novotny


Building Rapport Takes Time


Everyone in your business is a sales person and must focus on building rapport.  The assistant who answers the phone, the accounts receivable team, the sales and customer service team, the senior leaders (anyone touching the customer) needs to have DNA that says they ‘like people.’  After all, if you really think about it, there are some people in this world who just don’t like people… and you don’t want them working for you!

Most people understand this but very few of these individuals hold their employees accountable.  Building rapport is a process that is vital in building your business; finding new customers and keeping the ones you have will guarantee that you will stay in business for years to come.    Without rapport, you and your company become a commodity and you will have to work much harder at beating the competition.  Building rapport is simple – ‘how is your day?’ Just asking questions and listening are critical and easy elements which are necessary to begin a relationship.  When you hear a customer make a comment about their kids, a football game or even something as mundane as the weather, start a conversation about it! 

I have written about the CRM process in the past and at the end of the day, the employees and salespeople who know how to build rapport will build a larger base of clients who trust them and rely on them for advice and guidance.  Then we need to document this information in our CRM so we can continue to build on what is important to these customers.

The last and perhaps most important reason that rapport building is so crucial is that people still like to work with people who are interested in them. Plus, this should make your job more interesting and fun.  Be that person – the happy person who will make your customer happy because they met you!