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You Can’t Stop My Optimism!  

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I am so amazed at the amount of positive people I've met on my travels so far this year.  And yet with all that positivity, I am still reminded on social media of quite the opposite.  So let me tell you how positive those who are traveling, working, selling, and just making an honest living feel.  

First, let’s start with my schedule thus far, so you are very clear that I am not exaggerating and this is not USA-centric.
•    First week of January - Vancouver, Canada
•    Second week of January - Portland, Oregon | Monterey, CA | Houston, TX
•    Third week of January - Atlanta | Chicago
•    Fourth week of January - New York | Washington DC
•    Last 2 days of January - Dallas, TX
•    First week of February - Dallas, TX | Vail, CO | Orange County, CA
•    Second week of February - Manila, Philippines
•    Third week of February - Napa Valley, CA | Toronto, Canada

That brings us to today!  How did your schedule compare?  How diverse was your interaction with the ‘real people’ out there making things happen?  Were you stuck in your office, home or city talking to the same people you always talk to, listening to the same news, reading the same blogs and interacting the same friends?  If the answer is YES, than you need to get out more.

In each of these destinations above, the following comments are the reality of a positive outlook on life:
•    “So excited that our business is turning around”
•    “We have never been busier than we are right now”
•    “I can’t believe how many leads are pouring in” 
•    “I love my new boss”
•    “I am thrilled with my new office”

In each interaction with these groups of people, I was inspired by their positive view of life.  No one cared about discussing politics, religion or negativity.  They were focused on looking at life with the glass half full and even in the most strenuous of circumstances, kept their view of life and business positive. 

If you are a leader reading this, think about how you are coming across to your team, and if you are a business owner, consider your perspective on life and what that says about your business.  If you are like me and just need to keep ‘getting on with it to get the job done,’ think about how you come across to your peers and clients.

We have one shot at this life. Each day spent with a negative tone takes away from the positive work we could be doing.  

Happiness Takes Work!

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I said I was going to talk about being happy all month and that is exactly what I am doing.  My Monday Mentor Moment that you will hear this coming Monday will emphasize why waking up happy is key to a great and productive day.  I have always said that those of you who carry around coffee mugs that say “I don’t do Mornings,” should get a night job!

So speaking of your job, make sure you make it a positive experience.  Work should give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment and if it doesn’t, you haven’t found the right job.  Think about this realistically.  Do you really appreciate what your job does for you and your family.  Where would you be without it?  Those who don’t show enthusiasm on the job or positivity with those they work for shouldn’t apply at my company.  I simply have no time for the ‘moody,’ ‘pouty,’ and negative persona on our team.  If you have issues, talk about them. Period

When I wrote my book “Living with No Balance and Loving It,” I found research to prove that loving my job and working was healthy for my daughter.  Over 1,500 mothers found that working outside the home increased life satisfaction 5% and contributed to a feeling of happiness in the family.  I am not suggesting you have to be a ‘working mom,’ but what I am suggesting is if you have to or want to work, than give it all you have.  Everyday should be about 100% and then some!

Happiness Takes Work!

Stop with the ‘Bad Mood’!

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While working around the world I occasionally run into people who are just in a ‘rut,’ or in a bad mood – every day!  I guess it is just my positive attitude and energy that makes it hard for me to believe that some people can be so negative and get away with it. 

How is it possible that during an interview, a person can be so happy and excited and then after some time on the job they are just down and out?!  It could be said that maybe they have personal issues going on in their life, or that they don’t like their job anymore.  Regardless of the situation, it is our responsibility as a leader and as an employee to speak up.  Yes, as the employee it is YOUR responsibility to seek advice or assistance from either your team leader or human resources and if you are the leader it is your job to reach out to this person and ask them what is going on.

Let’s face it, everyone now and again can fall into a rut and we have to take time to really try and figure out some solutions.  I like to sit people down together and dig into what we are doing that is working and what we could do to improve our processes.  How can you use creativity to get a person or a team out of a rut and on to better productivity?  The answer is simple; communication.

I have been talking about work up until this point but the same principles apply to your personal life.  Think about when, where, and how you felt the happiest.  What did you do in your life that gave you a positive feeling?  What in your life is causing negativity and what changes should you make to feel better about yourself?

Try to get out of your comfort zone and get advice and different points of view from others you work with, live with or even a stranger that you are sitting next to on a plane.  You think I am kidding, right?  No I am serious.  Sometimes when you tell a complete stranger about your dilemma, you get the most honest and real feedback versus telling a friend who will tell you what they think you want to hear.

Learn to share ideas, voice opinions and seek advice.  You will learn that only YOU are in charge of your energy, attitude and motivation.  Either you show up every day and make it a good one, or you soon won’t need to show up at all!