Cindy Novotny

peyton manning

Staying Successful in Business is Like Traveling – Deal with Change or Get off the Plane!


This week I have talked about changing the playbook like an audible.  An Audible is a change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage.  I shared in my Monday Mentor Moment how Peyton Manning used the audible ‘Omaha’ to change the play.  

Yesterday it took me 12 hours just to fly to Traverse City, Michigan from Orange Country, CA because of bad weather and delays.  I cannot begin to describe how people were acting on the plane, at the airport and in the Untied Club.  It was as if their life was coming to an end because of these delays.   I mentioned to several people (as you can imagine) that weather is not predictable and flying through a tornado is not a good idea, so the only option is to drive.  So instead of driving all of us crazy, go rent a car and get on your way.

Business today is a lot like flying.  To get off the ground you need a flight plan (sales plan), full throttle (energy to make the numbers) and the skills to fly through the storm when it is not expected.  

Business is just like flying - you really can't fly without a plan, you can’t stay at the same speed throughout the entire journey nor can you just fly on auto pilot.  Once you reach your cruising altitude, you pull back a bit, check your instruments and fuel levels to make sure you are on target and going in the right direction.  

If you have not had anything force you to make some changes lately, then get ready as you no doubt will deal with surprises soon.   If you have the skills, the plans, the right goals and the stamina to keep going, you will be successful and you will reach your destination.  Don’t forget to call an audible should you need to change the playbook.