Cindy Novotny

new year

2016 Action for the First 2 Weeks!


It is so easy to think that the New Years’ Resolutions you made are going to stick – but we all know that without determination you may not make it past February 1st.  So let’s bite this off in small bites….one day at a time!

1.      Start really preparing for your day the night before – I always remember when I was in school and my mom had me lay out my clothes for the next day.  It really did make a difference the next morning.  It was easier to get ready and with less drama.  Start laying out your day the night before!

2.      Many of you know my husband and the President of our company – Lefty!  The calm, organized and somewhat conservative guy at the helm.  What you probably don’t see is how funny he can really be in the office and how quickly he gets everyone to laugh.  He has a Dr. Evil animated figure that plays the most inappropriate comments which he will Lefty play at certain times in the office to add a bit of levity.  So instead of being stressed out – get a little goofy sometimes!

3.      We have a wonderful outdoor patio where our team can enjoy lunch ‘al fresco’ style.  They can sit out in the warm sun and break up their day while gaining some vitamin D and energy at the same time.  Break up your routine for lunch and whatever you do – DO NOT EAT AT YOUR DESK!

4.      Stop arguing about becoming active on social sites like Facebook and all the social media craze!  Instead of worrying if you should be in or out – jump in and start the fanfare.  Being transparent in your business dealings by revealing your honest and ethical side will win you more loyalty and customers. TRY IT – I DARE YOU!

5.      Too busy to get all your work done? Outsource to small startups that you find on Etsy and the like.  There are so many entrepreneurs out there who are freelancing that you can’t pass up the opportunity to work with these sharp, young individuals.  In today’s world, your best employee doesn’t have to sit in your office.

6.      Get up and get moving.  Motion is lotion.  Start your day off right by getting outside and walking.  Get some fresh air and see the world in a positive way by watching the sun come up.

7.      Find your purpose in life.  Ask yourself if you are really doing what you want to do and if the answer is YES – do it better.  If it is NO – find a new job.

8.      Plan your vacation in January so you can stay motivated all year long as you wait for the big trip to recharge your batteries.

9.      Go through your LinkedIn and other social platforms and clean up your profiles.  Is it still necessary to show what sorority you were in?

10.  I already said to plan your day the night before – but let’s take it one step farther and plan your fitness fun for the week.  Monday meditation, Tuesday treadmill, Wednesday walking, Thursday Tennis, Friday ends the week with fencing. :)