Cindy Novotny

Triple J Acres

Live the Life You LOVE


This week I have focused on being independent and thinking like a contractor.  Today, I want to highlight a real entrepreneur who exhibits all the passion, energy and spirit it takes to run a business. 

Justin Joseph is the Proprietor of Triple J Acres with Mr. James (a partner in the farm).  This farm is located in Windsor, NY and is not your typical small farm.  Justin is raising free roaming chickens, Road Island Reds, Red Links and White Leghorns. 

He differentiates the quality of his eggs by allowing his birds to run free and lay their eggs wherever they please. Now think about this; the extra amount of time and labor that goes into finding the eggs and handling them with love and care, makes all the difference.  Every night, the birds go inside on their own (just like a loving pet would do) and Justin closes the door behind them. Remember - they don’t have thumbs!

In the cold winter months they are let out of their cages at 8:00am, but in the summer they run free right after sunrise. 

Not to be forgotten are the three Holsteins (Dairy Cows) and ‘Georgie’ the bull.  The two share a barn and together they give Triple J Acres the start of fresh dairy necessary for a sustainable farm. 

Mr. James purchased the adjacent farm when he retired and moved upstate from Brooklyn.  He now makes weekly trips back to the city to hand deliver eggs to members of his church congregation which creates a loyal, local following.  Currently, their customers are purchasing over 30 dozen eggs each week and they are working to expand their operation to serve even more customers.  In addition to the eggs, Justin has taken his passion and love of the land to also tap maple syrup.  He has 50 maple taps that are producing fresh, organic maple syrup. 

What Justin has accomplished on his small farm is a perfect example of living the life you love, making that life a part of your work/business and growing your business day by day. If you want some fresh eggs, you know who to call.  Nothing compares!