Cindy Novotny


Are You LinkedIn or Out?


This past week, many people have called me asking about the changes on their LinkedIn profile. They look different (more like Facebook), and many of the features on the free LinkedIn site are gone.

Yes, that is exactly right.  LinkedIn claims to have over 467 million users as of 2016 and they have given users enough time to use their platform free.  Although there is still a free platform, you are limited with the following changes:

  • Removal of tags and notes
  • Longer amount of time in searching leads
  • Advance search has limits now

BUT with all that said, if you weren’t using LinkedIn daily and correctly, you won’t be missing much.  It is still a great tool to connect with potential clients and begin conversations.
So should you upgrade?  The answer is simple – if you are in sales and need to be proactive in your selling than the answer is yes.  I would suggest jumping right to Sales Navigator which gives you a robust platform for finding new business.  In the Premium Business Plan, you can see who has viewed your profile from the past 90 days, and on the free platform you can only see the last five people who viewed your profile.  In Premium, you have more flexibility on the advanced search and you have InMail benefits.

In Sales Navigator you have all of that and more. 

  • Advanced sales search tools
  • Lead recommendations
  • More in depth posts from people that are involved in your industry
  • Notes and Tags
  • Job Changes
  • Access to learning sessions

So the answer is simple…pay to play.  If you want to use LinkedIn for lead generation and new business development, you will need to upgrade and I suggest going directly to Sales Navigator.  If you just play around on it and have not invested time using it as a prospecting tool, then try out Sales Navigator or Premium Business Plan free for a month and make your own decision.