Cindy Novotny

#takechargeof yourlife

Bold Presence - Sharp Experience!


A while ago I added this tagline to my signature on my emails.  Most people didn't even notice it but Linda Newman on our team is always very 'present' in her life and she noticed.  She asked me to write about it - so here I go.  I am the type of person that does not want to sit in my easy chair and watch life pass me by.  I live life to the fullest and when I walk into a room, attend an event, a meeting or even a personal engagement I give it my all.  I know too many people unfortunately that just glide through life without much passion.  They get up in the morning, go to work, do just what is expected of them and no more, and without notice they resign their job without leaving a footprint.  I want you to remember me when you meet me and I want you to feel my 'bold presence' which should leave you rememberingb17ba-cindyasia the 'sharp experience.'  You have this one life to live and no one can ask more of you than you will ever ask of yourself.  You are either in 100% or not.  That is why my definition of 'passion' is a combination of love and anger.  When I really love something it royally ticks me off when things go wrong.  So live your life this week with a 'bold presence,' and leave each encounter with a 'sharp experience.'