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Charlatans Are a Thing of the Past!

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cindy live 2Let's be very, very clear.  I have worked for years to get where I am today and I have become totally disgusted with the 'copy cats' of industry (every industry) today.  The definition of a charlatan is simple - A PERSON FALSELY CLAIMING TO HAVE A SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE OR SKILL; A FRAUD.  Next time you run into a person 'claiming' to have done some remarkable things in life and you have even the slightest doubt about their story - ask a lot of questions.  How long have they been in business?  Who did they really work for?  How many people did they really manage?  Did they quit their job or were they fired and could barely pick themselves up from the floor?  Are they authentic and do they have principles?  What did they do to climb that 'ladder?'  I have always had issues with people like this, but recently there have been many people who have talked to me personally about their own story and how someone that 'used to work for them' ripped off all their ideas and is now going after their clients.  In each case the good guys have won out.  A charlatan can only sustain for a short amount of time as their story has no real meat to it and their creative ideas are never their own.  They change a few words in their speech or sales pitch so that the IP Lawyers will leave them alone.  Well there is no need to actually try and go after these individuals as they will implode.  They always do and as I said earlier the authentic brand will always win over the 'knock off!'