Cindy Novotny

Some Managers Have Lost Touch with Leadership


Every day I meet senior managers who are the worst leaders, yet they believe they are developing the next generation of leaders for their company.  How is this possible?  How has no one in their organization given them feedback and held them accountable for their actions?

I think the answer is simple - these managers believe that they have earned their title which means they will just evolve into a great leader by osmosis.  Sorry folks – this is simply not going to happen...but good news, great leadership skills can be taught!

If you are a leader reading this, make sure you are a solid 10 on each of my thoughts listed below. If you are not a leader, make sure you take this to heart and remember these points when the day comes that you get promoted.

1.       Leaders need vision and must share this vision constantly

2.       Communicating your vision and direction with positive energy is a must

3.       Management is getting a task done – people are never done

4.       Great leaders move their teams forward day by day

5.       You have to be willing to coach, mentor, teach and take feedback yourself

6.       You do need to be inspirational

7.       You should live the rules of servant leadership – you serve them and you eat last

8.       Supporting other leaders and allowing people to do their jobs will help the entire company

9.       Leaders need passion – you don’t get to have a ‘down’ day

10.   Leadership is not a destination but a journey