Cindy Novotny

Make it a Great Year!


I will continue with my goal setting mantra in this week’s blog.  I have a great feeling about 2018 and I hope you do as well.  But without a good plan, your year may be just like last year with no real improvement.  Simple but not easy

So let’s review one more time.

  • You are the only person who can limit your success – make something happen
  • Remember you have a full life – it is not just work, so plan goals for each part of your life
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Spiritual
    • Business
    • Educational
    • Hobbies
    • Sport
    • Health
  • Write down these goals and share them with an accountability buddy
  • Make the goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Aggressive, Realistic and Timely
  • Break bad habits by being honest with yourself
  • Know what motivates you and spend more time on that
  • You can achieve more together – so get your team to support the goals
  • Stop living a life you do not enjoy and start living YOUR LIFE