Cindy Novotny

Lose Sight of the Shore!


I am currently enjoying a wonderful week in Northern Michigan and as I sit on the beautiful beach of Lake Michigan it reminds me of my messages all this week.  My social media theme for the week was about being an entrepreneur and never being lazy.  My #mondaymentormoment was based on Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote on laziness and it was also my #thursdaythought.  

I am constantly aware of the massive strength of the Great Lakes.  Those who only know the oceans may not realize how mighty these lakes are and how many huge ships have been taken down by the wicked storms that cross these waters.  I grew up sailing these Great Lakes and learned from an early age that I needed to respect their strength.

My dad always told me to avoid the storms I could not handle, and weather the storms that I ran into.  Fishermen, yachtsman, skippers and Captains of all the freighters that sail these waters know the dangers of the lakes and the terrible storms they can encounter, but they are brave and never let these dangers give them a reason to hug the shore.  

This is an entrepreneurial person on full throttle.  I believe in taking things head on – the work, the pressure, the fun and the rewards.  I will lose sight of the shore and I will always be looking for fresh, new open water.  Let yourself dream about how you can change direction and finally let go of your fears and lose sight of the shore.