Cindy Novotny

I am a “Prioritizer!”


Recently I took a survey that said I was excellent at prioritizing.  It made total sense to me because I am able to successfully travel every week, manage many projects and lead an impressive team while still having time for family.  This illustrates my ability to prioritize.  Although I am not what most would call a logical and analytical thinker, I am realistic and get things done.  I use my time effectively and focus on the highest-value tasks, accurately completing significant amounts of work.

Here are some productivity tips to help you get better at prioritizing:

  • Put all to-do’s on your calendar on the date you will do them
  • Streamline your work flow weekly and prioritize daily
  • Use your tasks and to-do stamps on your iPad or computer
  • Invest in apps like Evernote
  • Use “ScanBizCards”, which lets you scan business cards on the run
  • Send yourself voice notes
  • Take pictures of receipts for expenses
  • Plan your day the night before
  • Do revenue producing activities first

Do not become overwhelmed with life.  Grab the reins and live your best life!