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Don’t Let Future Generations Ruin Your Business!

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This week I visited a true Texas establishment – The Salt Lick restaurant outside of Austin, TX. In true Cindy fashion I am always looking for the story behind a business and how it relates to life today.  I am a strong believer in writing down your goals, dreams and aspirations, but know that you need the muscle and hustle to put those goals into reality.

Here I share with you the story of The Salt Lick hustle!
‘In the 60’s, Thurman Roberts traveled constantly across Texas working for a bridge construction company.  He dreamed of spending every day where he and his family had put down roots in Driftwood, TX.  One day, he and his wife Hisako took out a legal pad of paper and wrote 54 things the family could do for a living to stay in Driftwood.  

The idea for The Salt Lick was #14 on list.  So in 1967, Thurman (who was known for his great barbecue at family reunions) cooked meat for paying customers with his son Scott in a huge barbecue pit.  He would go to the pit on Thursday nights and cook throughout the weekend, sleeping on a cot in the evening until the meat ran out.  

He kept coming home earlier and earlier every night as the meat would run out due to all the customers trying to get in.  After a few months they built a screen porch around the pit and The Salt Lick grew from there.  

What is most important to know is that Scott Thurman’s son is The Salt Licks current owner.  He is running the business as successfully as his dad.  Not much has changed except how big they have grown and their online orders.  

There are many businesses that are built by one generation and destroyed by future generations.  Don’t let this happen to you and your business… 

The first generation builds the business, the second makes it a success, and the third wrecks it