Cindy Novotny


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Everyone's lives are full of ups and downs, happy and sad, good vs. evil. Life can really feel like a movie sometimes - like a villain is out to get you and ruin the day. So think about it...what are the villains and heroes in your life story (and we're not talking about the ones wearing capes). For example, in business, my villains are software systems that don’t work, competitors who are charlatans and associates who create drama.  In my personal story, the villains are constant home repairs, sickness among family and pets, and homeowner boards who just don’t get it.  I am sure there are more that I can think of in both my professional and personal life, but now I will focus on my heroes who deserve all of my attention. 

The heroes in my professional life are the team members of MCA who do whatever it takes to get the job done, return emails and calls on weekends, work for the brand of MCA and have primary loyalty to our team.  The heroes in my personal life are my family (who through thick and thin stick together and figure things out) and 82 year old parents who are completely involved with their kids, grand-kids and great grand-kids' lives in a positive manner (never playing the martyr) and always making the bad days better.  Everyone has a story, everyone has a life.  Make sure you don’t let the villains in your life take over and become the main character of your story. After all, the hero always wins in the end.