Cindy Novotny

Don’t Waste Time Finding New Business…Plan to Get Noticed!

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Understanding that every successful sales professional and business owner must devote time to find new clients, means that you need to place more focus on this. 

Depending on your target prospects, remember that executives are busy and may not be answering your calls – don’t give up.  I have a proven track record of getting through to potential customers and as a result I have had incredible success.  Statistics show that it takes 6-7 times to touch a prospect before they become a customer, yet most salespeople give up after 3 tries.    

Here are some quick ideas to help you navigate the course.  Always ask yourself why anyone would want to talk to you.  How are you increasing your awareness and what compelling things do you have to say? 

1.      Become a resource in your client’s industry

2.      Give back your time and volunteer to be on boards where you meet decision makers

3.      Use LinkedIn to find 1st – 2nd and 3rd degree connections – have a compelling reason to reach out

4.      Follow LinkedIn groups of the target market you are looking to grow

5.      Create and practice a value proposition statement that shows your credibility

6.      Ask questions – don’t sell!

7.      Talk about how to help them solve problems in their business

8.      Keep your presence current in front of prospects – stay connected daily!