Cindy Novotny

Online Dating and Online Selling!

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Seriously – think about the similarities with both experiences!  One stranger to another, trying to grab your attention and engage in some sort of relationship.  Similar – you bet! 

Now the next question you may be asking yourself is what Cindy would know about online dating.  The answer is - not much but I talk to many people that are dating online and because I am so curious, I continue to see the parallels. 

Everything you read regarding social media talks about digital engagement.  Get the customer to want to talk to.  Or in the dating world – make yourself stand out above all other contenders!

Our world is changing, and it is not just the millennials who have invented the word ‘ghosting’.  Everyone hides behind email today.  If you don’t grab their attention quickly you will never get another chance.   

If you think it is frustrating now to get people on the phone, get a meeting with them, just wait another minute and it will get worse.  You must re-invent yourself online now. 

Follow your clients on social media, engage with them on their favorite sport team or business articles they post.  Get yourself in front of them before you need to reach out and try to sell them something.  Today’s world is about engagement, presence and energy.  Without it, you are as outdated as the rolodex!