Cindy Novotny

Step It Up!


This is for everyone who has reached their goals, felt the sweetness of success and for those who are still climbing their ladder to reach the top.  Don’t you often wonder how some people are so successful and others struggle to make it?  I know I do.  So today, I am going to share with you some of my tips for success.  Let’s see if they will help you.

1.       Be real – who are you, and what can you accomplish now, and in the future?

2.       Write it down – really make a list of your short-term goals and big picture goals

3.       Take action and stop procrastinating NOW

4.       Be tough – as my dad always said – ‘have grit’

5.       Don’t let them get you down – ignore the ‘naysayers’ and forge ahead

6.       Strengthen your will power by getting others to help you

7.       Stay hungry – never feel you have made it

8.       Always take risks close to the line – push harder

9.       Be humble

10.   Share the love

We are headed into September.  Summer is over, kids are back in school and the holidays will be here before we know it.  You have about 2 months to crank out your work to meet all your goals for year end.  Don’t spend too much time sleeping as you can do that later.  Good luck and make this a productive push into the autumn air.