Cindy Novotny

Invest in Our Future

kaite bissinComment

I truly believe in the fact that children are our future – teach them right and let them lead the way.  It is still the middle of summer and most kids are still on summer break.  Make sure that you are helping your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and even your friends children, stay motivated over the summer with more than just the beach.

I find that kids are losing their creativity today, because everything is so automated.  They play games online; watch shows online, and rarely go outside and play, or simply sit quietly reading or playing with a coloring book. 

Carve out some space and time to help kids use their ‘creative muscles’ that will help them in their future for problem solving, collaborating, teamwork and emotional intelligence.  Here are some ideas to boost the creativity with kids.

1.        Create an artist corner.  Get an artist easel at any craft store and sit it up in the corner of your family room with crayons and let them draw away.  Pin up their art around the house and change it out by the season.

2.       Get outside and explore the beautiful world around you.  Nature is the best place to calm down, talk to each other, and use your imagination.  When I was young, I would lay under my grandparents weeping willow tree and look at the clouds creating pictures in my mind. 

3.       Develop a ‘summer’ chore list and reward them for great behavior.  Don’t make the chores all about housework, but give them goals of reading books, writing a letter to family members, sending cards and just engaging with the family.

4.       Have quiet hour everyday where they take naps, lay in the grass, rest on a hammock and just enjoy being still.

5.       Have the kids create a plan for the upcoming holidays.  Ideas for food, crafts, parties and gifts.  Let them create a calendar of events to get excited about the coming months.