Cindy Novotny

Get Real in Connecting!


I sit in airports, lobbies of hotels, restaurants and on planes watching people stare at their phones.  Watching YouTube, reading texts and emails, browsing Facebook and Instagram, but ignoring the person they are traveling with.

I love to talk to my family, friends and even the strangers I meet along the way.  Sure, I love to browse on social media, but I truly crave the passion and excitement of talking to people.  I miss not living by my daughter so that I can just drop in and ‘chat.’  I speak to my parents on the phone almost daily, my MCA team constantly and Facetime my husband several times a day when we aren’t together. 

I love hugging my own dogs and the cute videos of fuzzy funny tricks does not replace the actual cuddling with your own. 

I think we need to try harder to squeeze in more time to talk to one another in real time and learn how to connect every single day.  This applies to the good times and the bad moments.  The tough conversations must be handled one on one, face to face, or at least on the phone.  Not through an email or a text. 

Life is so special, and it is so short.  I have always used the quote from George Strait – “I am not here for a long time, but I am here for a good time.”  Every day I wake up knowing that this could be my last, so bring on the sunshine and live your life connecting with the people that matter.  XOXO Cindy