Cindy Novotny

On the Move!


Sometimes it can be difficult to reflect on life’s occurrences when you are always on the move, like myself.  There are days when the constant travel and change of scenery is seamless and everything goes off without a hitch!  With that being said, there are absolutely times when I’m going so fast, a new day, new city, new state of mind, and I have to stop internally, and force myself to process the moments I experience while on the road.  Being an Entrepreneur, a Wife, a Mom, an Employer, a Daughter, Sister, and friend, keeps me busy, and I love every moment.  However, part of keeping myself grounded and on the right path for myself and my family, means I do have to reflect, process and spend some time reviewing my thoughts and emotions.  Being on the go, does not mean, you can shut out the rough days, and blaze past.  It means, I have to focus even more and make the time to deal, even when the clock and the changing of time zones may make that difficult.  You see, before I can look out for all those people in my personal as well as my business life, I have to look out for number one.  That person has to be me, because without myself being whole, I wouldn’t be able to put my heart into my family, friends, business, clients, employees, or anyone else I come in contact with.  I have never and will never do anything half-heartedly.  I’m an all or nothing gal, and I like it that way.  Remember, you do not have to be perfect, in fact there is no such thing, and to be honest, everyone loves flavor and variety.  The idea of perfection breeds boredom!  When you do something in life, give it your all, and make sure you nurture your thoughts, process your experiences and don’t deny yourself the right to get upset, feel raw emotion, yell, cry, do whatever you need to do!  But afterward, pick yourself up, keep moving, and know that the best is yet to come because you are worth all the hard work that it takes to get through all the fabulous days, and every one of the challenging ones!