Cindy Novotny

Developing a World Class Sales Organization

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Nothing makes me prouder than being a part of a great learning and development company.  Master Connection Associates has spent years developing, curating and creating sales leaders around the world.  We have created hundreds of customized sales academies for our clients.  We have an exclusive Evergreen Process® updating everything we do that keeps our content current with the changing times.  This provides our clients a solid foundation to support their sales culture and the sales team development process. 

Our training technology has been benchmarked by many of our competitors.  Some may consider this ‘stealing our intellectual property’, but I see it as trying to copy the original without the foundation of our incredible team or the ‘secret sauce’ that produces our measurable results.

There are so many charlatans in the world of training.  Some have a website that says ‘we’ when it’s really only ‘me’ and others that have tried to do it themselves, with no educational technology qualifications and never succeed. There are also the ones who try and re-invent the sales process to a point that it is unrecognizable. Make no mistake – there is no short cut to sales excellence. 

Our team consists of true professionals from educational technologists with global backgrounds, trainers and consultants that excelled in the field before becoming a coach and the blended learning approach of e-learning, virtual learning, classroom, and on the job training. 

Our learning experience changes behaviors and we consistently receive feedback that we have actually changed lives!

A stand-alone approach simply doesn’t work.  Having one single voice in training also doesn’t work.  You need diversity, cultural backgrounds, global knowledge and a successful track record of examples to learn from.  So, let’s look at how sales leaders and business leaders should consider improving their sales performance.

1.   Know your goals of what you want to achieve when developing your sales team. 

2.   Make sure the sales leader is engaged from the very beginning and knows what needs to happen after the sales coach leaves

3.   Don’t use training as the ‘flavor of the month’ – stay consistent with the process for repeatable and sustainable growth

4.   Don’t allow the sales organization to decide what type of training they need – sales leadership should know this and be bold in holding their team accountable to reach tough goals supported through proper training they select

5.   Don’t discount instructor-led classroom training as it is the most effective way to learn and practice sales skills in front of peers, leaders and the sales coach.  Skills improve when practiced, such as:

a.   New business development

b.   Discovery

c.    Presenting

d.   Negotiating

e.   Selling against the competition

f.     Handling problems/objections

g.   Closing

6.   Digital learning tools are fabulous for the sales colleagues ‘on the run.’  Online courses are adaptable for many styles and cultures, so use the combination of all to provide results. 

Never discount the energy and enthusiasm of the facilitators.  Young sales professionals today have shared that their boredom in a classroom is never about the content and always the professor.  Creating a robust sales team today calls for a robust and true leader and sales coach. 

Have you found yours?

At a recent training, this was the feedback received from a participant, on their anonymous evaluation.

“Thank you so much Cindy and Jos, you are both really engaging and awesome. you have made an impact on my life!”

Another participant wrote, “This kind of experience should happen more least every 3 months on a new topic..very important to be a stronger sales person.”