Cindy Novotny

Are you setting the right priorities?  

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Everyone is busy.  Everyone is spread too thin.  Everyone spends more time talking about how much they must do versus just doing it!


I say, ‘SNAP OUT OF IT!’  So, you are busy – get over it.  Think about the opposite.  You are not busy because you don’t have enough work, you are alone with no friends or family to juggle or you simply are running around like a crazy person never completing anything. 


This all comes down to setting the right type of priorities so you can accomplish everything you have ever wanted out of life.  Yes, you can have it all and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.  I get that life is messy – believe me, I know messy, but I also know that I can’t dwell on messy.  I must get up, get on with it and make sure I reach every goal I set for myself and my team. 


Every successful person I know has learned how to live without the ‘perfect’ balance but has learned how to ‘balance’ their personal and professional life.  Just as I talk about balance in my book, ‘Living with No Balance and Loving It,’ you need to learn how to prioritize to make things happen. 


Money can’t buy happiness, but happiness can’t buy a house!  Money lost or spent can be regained, but you will never be able to get back time – more valuable than money if it is lost.


Recently, I have talked to many women who took off 10-15 years to raise their children and now in their late 30’s and 40’s they are wanting to re-enter the workforce.  The struggle these women are having is that they did not keep up their skills.  Even with their college degrees, they lost sight of the business climate, technology and the price of re-entry.  Priorities must be carefully analyzed so that your plan includes the next 5 – 10 – 15 years. 


Staying home to raise children is a privilege and I admire anyone who could do that.  I was not able to stay home, therefore I made priorities to go back to work and still spend every free minute with my daughter.  I skipped going to movies and dinners with my husband, spending money on me so I could spend it on her, and I have never looked back.  I prioritized what was important for our family. 

So, don’t waste time.  PRIORITIZE YOUR LIFE NOW!  You can kill time, and kill your career with non-productive meetings, phone calls, drama, lunches with no objectives, late starts on projects and procrastination.  All these to-do’s in our calendar can push the important priorities right to the bottom. 


Make every minute, every hour and everyday count.  You are no busier than anyone else, you just don’t spend your time wisely.  Stop right now and think about tomorrow.  Plan your day so that at the end of the day there is a smile on your face, and you are ready for the next day.