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Watch Your Mouth!

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Watch Your Mouth!

I learned many years ago from my parents (and my teachers) that I have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.  Pay attention and listen.  Over the years I have worked on this, but I am still a work in progress.  In fact, the one thing I really remember from my French classes is this line – ‘ferme la bouche Solonge’!  (My French name) ... In English this means – Close your Mouth!

What is so ironic is that now I speak for a living and closing my mouth doesn’t work.  But I am learning when to hold back and not speak.  Hard, yes! 

So today we will take a minute to talk about adopting a new approach to running your mouth!  I have heard over the years that the average woman speaks over 20,000 words a day – not to mention her chatter on texts and on social.  Men – not sure about??

Let’s take some time and focus on how to slow down on the quick wit and think before we speak.

·         Leave all negative chatter off social media

·         Don’t gossip with anyone – it will come back to haunt you

·         As our mothers taught us – if you don’t have something nice to say – don’t say anything

·         In meetings take notes and circle what you want to come back to so that you speak with confidence

·         Breathe and pause before belting it out

·         Choose your words carefully

·         Never put in writing what you would not say to a person’s face

·         When listening to a spouse, partner, colleague, client or family member – do not judge and remember the proverb – believe the best before you assume the worst.

Have a wonderful weekend of good conversations XO