Cindy Novotny

Be Grateful for What Life Brings Your Way!

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I am working in Napa this week and although this is wine country, I had the privilege of being invited to an exclusive whiskey dinner!  Jenny Wren, from our team, came from the infamous whiskey business as an ambassador in this fantastic world.  Her contacts in this industry, are beyond compare.

At the last minute we were invited to join a private and intimate whiskey pairing dinner. It was at Brix in Napa for Dalmore, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey!

In addition to an exquisite dining experience, we were so lucky to have the passionate Scotch Whisky Master Blender from Glasgow to educate and entertain.

So, in addition to learning about the proper way to drink scotch whiskey, I learned a lot of history about scotch whiskey.

·         1263 – Bravery is born – Saving King Alexander III’s life would prove to be a defining moment for Colin of Kintail, the Clan Mackenzie and in the history of The Dalmore

·         Kings Reward – the saying ‘fortune favors the brave’ has never been truer than for Colin of Kintail

·         As a sign of gratitude for saving his life, King Alexander III awarded him the land of Eilean Donan and the motto ‘ Luceo Non Uro’, which translates to ‘I Shine, Not Burn’!

·         More importantly Colin of Kintail and his Mackenzie clan were given the right to bear a 12-pointed Royal Stag at their crest

·         1867 – The Mackenzie Brothers take over The Dalmore

Forever standing apart at The Dalmore, they are proud to push boundaries while staying true to their courageous heritage by continuing to stand apart and defy convention. 

How do you do that?