Cindy Novotny



Yes, I am!  Being confident helps you be fearless, and when you are fearless, you have more confidence.  I think we need to learn from our best friends, and trusted mentors, on where we exclel, and what we need to work on.  A lack of confidence gives in to fear, and that is what starts the vicious cycle. 

When you possess courage, learn to deal with conflict, the one attribute that gets stronger than any other is becoming fearless.

I am sure there is not anyone out there that does not have some fears (including myself) but dealing with that fear is the key to success.  Being fearless enables people to do miraculous things.  It is important to think about all the fears that exist in our lives: 

·         Climbing mountains

·         Throwing your body across the finish line in sports

·         Skydiving

·         Heights

·         Health issues

·         Flying

·         Fear of rejection

·         Public speaking

And we could go on and on!  The key is to overcome your fear with confidence.  You must practice being strong and imagine yourself doing whatever it is you want to do.

The first step is to identify what you are afraid of, and where your weaknesses are.  After you are comfortable with reality, find a mentor, coach or trusted friend and ask for help.  There are so many reasons to learn how to overcome fear and the results are amazing – less stress, less anxiety, better performance at work, improved personal communication and overall better living. 

Today is the best day to take control of your destiny, and conquer your fears! You can do it!