Cindy Novotny

What’s Culture Got To Do With It?


Considering changing jobs?  Make sure you are clear about the type of culture you are looking for, in a new position.  So many HR professionals have created the new ‘human workplace’ as a tagline for their companies,making every opportunity look like you are joining a fraternity or family.  Think again.  Depending on ownership, ROI, and performance analytics, it seems that the human side of business can be pushed aside at anytime to improve the bottom line.  


The hottest buzzwords today are culture, spirit, employee engagement, mindfulness, and overall well-being.  Who doesn’t love those thoughts?  


Culture has everything to do with leadership.  The overall well-being of any organization has to do with environmentwhich is created by the leaders. It’s how they engage with other employees based on their beliefs, values and background.  Culture is implied as well as emotional and that is why some weak leaders can toss it aside, when the bottom-line needs attention.


I personally believe that you must stay true to your culture and that will inevitably improve productivity, and result in increased revenue.  The traits are clear in making an emotional connection within an organization.


• A true focus on the workplace environment

• Trust

• Emotional connection to a ‘family friendly’ business

• Non-negotiable behavioral standards that lead to success


Make sure you double check the culture of the companies you are looking at, whether for a career change, or a new supplier to do business with.  Do you feel an emotional connection to this organization?  Companies that have a strong culture will elicit enthusiasm, creativity energy.  Be that company and as an individual look for that company to work for.