Cindy Novotny

The Price is Right!


There has never been a better time to re-evaluate your pricing as it relates to your overall profit.  The freelance business is tough business.  


Look at the definition of ‘freelance’


Freelance – ‘fri:la:ns/


Adjective – self-employed and hired to work for different companies on assignments


Adverb – earning one’s living as a freelancer.  ‘I work freelance from home’


Historical – a medieval mercenary 


Wow…. history see freelancers as a mercenary – one who is focused on money and opportunity.  And, what is so bad about that?  Are you in business to make money?  So, it is time to stop underpricing your work, whatever that may be.  If you are a subject matter expert and can help others, you should feel very good about what you charge.  


But overpricing is also very dangerous.  If you are not intentional about your pricing you could scare potential clients away, but underpricing signals low quality and will make potential clients hesitant about working with you.  


Never under estimate your worth and develop a network of trusted alleys who will support what you have done and what you can do.  Practice your ‘sales pitch.’  Yes, I am serious – just because you think you are a consultant you still need to sell yourself, your ideas and your solutions.  Practice saying it out loud.


Quoting a fee to a potential client should roll off your tongue.  Don’t be nervous about quoting your value even if you are raising your fee.  If you get push back on your fees, ask more questions to uncover what the client thinks is fair.  This is your reputation and discounting your fees means you are discounting your worth.  


Just make darn sure you are worth it!