Cindy Novotny

Say Goodbye to Winter!


Traditionally we have celebrated the first day of spring on March 21st, but this year the spring season starts one day earlier on March 20th in all time zones in North America.  So, who says that it should be one day earlier?  I investigated it as I am a curious individual. 

Apparently, the earth’s elliptical orbit is changing its orientation, which causes the earth’s axis to constantly point in a different direction.  Since the seasons are defined as beginning at strict 90-degree intervals, these changes effect the time the earth reaches each 90-degree location in its orbit around the sun.  WOW!  Lots of information but interesting.

Since I am not the scientific type I decided to write about how I feel regarding saying goodbye to winter and hello SPRING!  Check out how many days are in each season – warm weather lovers should be happy!

So here is a checklist to make sure you are leaving winter behind with all your inspirational to-do’s taken care of.  You will also note that there are approximately 93 days in spring, so get ready to take advantage of this new season.

The last 3 months I have talked about goal setting, starting off the new year with inspiration and ideas that would put you ahead in 2019.  Here is my reminder:

1.     Are your goals and dreams written down for 2019?  How are you doing?

2.     What are the top 10 things that make you most happy?  How will you capitalize on those in the spring?

3.     What do you treasure most?  Are you making time for that?

4.     If you had a song that represented your life, what would it be?

5.     Call the people that brighten your day and thank them for being in it.

We have already sprung forward with our clocks, now let’s spring forward with our life and get ready to set the goals for the next 3 months.