Cindy Novotny

Keep It Simple!


Simplicity is a big thought, yet it should be something that we just have in our DNA.  Fancy words, and near-incomprehensibility can confuse any of us daily.  Why do we make life so difficult?  Why do we try and confuse an issue with round about conversations?  Being simple does not mean you are not intelligent, it ‘simply’ means you like to get to the truth and result faster, than those that like to complicate every conversation. 

We need to be mature enough to pick up ideas and thoughts from others without disguising it more than it is.  We need to not be afraid to ask questions that get right to the truth of the matter without fear of feeling ‘stupid’ for asking the question.

We need to be sophisticated enough not to reject someone else’s truth or idea because it sounds like something we already know.  Being a ‘know-it-all’ has never been attractive, and it complicates every conversation.  You can’t possibly be a subject matter expert in all areas, so try and get real this week and keep it simple. 

There are different kinds of simplicity and each type is a gift.  Conversations come and go, jobs come and go but the memory of how you come across will last forever.  The way you express yourself can be different in every situation but try and find a way to simplify your conversation.  You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room every time!