Cindy Novotny

Plan Your Life, So You Can Love Your Life!


Many of you know that last May I was the Commencement Speaker for Frankfort High School’s graduating class in Frankfort, Michigan.  I loved every minute of the day.  At the end of my speech, I gave the graduates a challenge for setting goals.  The winner will receive 2 round trip tickets anywhere in the continental United States.

What is amazing is that out of all the graduates, only a handful reached out to me, and now as we are closing in on the deadline only 4 are in the running. 

So, what happened to the rest that decided it was too hard to plan out their goals?  The same reaction  is displayed by so many adults I work with.  Everyone wants the grand life, but few want to do the heavy lifting and preparation it takes, as well as the drive to complete the job.

Do you want a life you love?  Most of you will say YES!  Those that say no, can call me later for counseling.  If you want the life you LOVE, I will share with you, my “big picture” planning strategy. 

The first step is to dream big.  What are the top 10 goals you would like to achieve in your life – big stuff.  Examples of this are:

1.       Buy a country estate

2.       Get my master’s degree

3.       Get married

4.       Travel to Europe for one month

5.       Start my own business

6.       Own a vacation home

7.       Increase your personal financial base by X%

8.       Plan to retire by X

9.       Take off for 6 months to volunteer

10.   Improve my health by X

Once you list your top ten, rate them in order of importance in your life.  What do you want first and so on?  Once you rate your goals, now you begin your planning.

Start with breaking down the long-term goals into monthly goals and then into weekly/daily.  You need to revisit these goals every month, to make sure you are putting things in motion to live the life you want. 

Keep in mind that while planning for big picture goals, life goes on.  All day to day activities in your personal and professional life must also be planned and organized.  The key is to NOT take your eye off the goal and keep planning actions that support those goals!

Enjoy the ride my friends!


Facilitating a recent training workshop at the amazing Gurney’s!

Facilitating a recent training workshop at the amazing Gurney’s!