Cindy Novotny

It Is Never About Luck, Until It IS!


This week Lefty and I traveled around the country, making sales presentations to new potential clients.  We work hard for our money and never take one minute for granted.  We have always said that it is never about luck – it is about hard work.

Well last night that changed (for a moment in time).  Throughout the entire week we stayed in a different hotel room every night from Sunday, until Friday.  Each hotel room had the same last 2 numbers.  Floor 7 XX, floor 3 XX, and so forth.  I am not going to share the last two numbers with you as they are ‘our’ new lucky numbers.  This same 2-digit numbers showed up in restaurant bills, Uber fees, and even on the clock. 

So last night I was working in Las Vegas and shared my story with the group I was with.  At the end of the dinner we decided to try my luck with my ‘lucky numbers.’  We headed to the roulette table and I put down $100.00 on my lucky 2-digit number.  Everyone, including people we didn’t even know stood around while the dealer spun the wheel.  Without hesitation, the wheel stopped right on my number.  I picked up my $800.00 in chips, watched the dealer spin again, and my 2-digit number landed again!

Since I am not a gambler, I was blown away.  People who I didn’t even know were jumping for joy at my win.  For a moment, I thought to myself – this is so unbelievable that people in a casino are so excited for your win, when they are not winning themselves. 

This made me realize that we all need to get more excited about the wins of those around us!  We may not be winning at this time, but don’t rain on the parade of those who are winning.

Here is to a lucky weekend!