Cindy Novotny

Simple Acts of Kindness

kaite bissinComment

As you wrap up this week, consider how you might have made a difference, in someone else’s life.  Of coarse, Valentines Day was yesterday, and everyone was sending love notes. However, did you think about the person you rarely talk to, or the colleague that may march to the beat of a different drum? Maybe there is a family member you haven’t seen in a while.  Changing someone else’s day in a positive way, does not always involve a monumental adjustment on your part. Making a difference can be a simple act of kindness during repetitive day to day activities as well.  Holding the elevator for someone who is running to catch it, opening up a door for a stranger, or simply getting your co-worker a cup of coffee.  This weekend take some time to reflect on how you could improve your value on the world, and how you can better impact the lives of others around you.  Reach out and touch someone, you will feel better in the long run!