Cindy Novotny

I am not just a dreamer – I am a dream chaser!


Dare to dream! I do not just dare, I try to live the dream.  I am so fortunate that I grew up with parents that taught me to dream big, push the envelope, and never settle.  That foundation gave me the ability to go after whatever I wanted to do.  Some things turned out better than others. 

Fantasizing about what you want in life gives people direction, it allows them to paint the picture of what could be.  The only problem with this is when your fantasies become your goal without any action. 

We have just one life to live and live it, we must.  However, the caveat is to plan the foundation, to catch the dream.  Fantasize all day long – does nothing productive and and wastes too much pf your precious time. 

So, here are my tips for living my dream!

1.       I look for the pleasures in life and not necessarily the comfort.  One day I am flying in first class and the flight attendants are rude, and the next day I am in coach, being served like a queen.  Don’t under estimate pleasure vs. comfort!

2.       Life is way too short.  Yes, I talk to my parents every day because I know there will be a day, I wish they were still with me to talk.  Yes, the last person I speak to at night is Lefty, to remind him how much I love him, regardless that I am 1000 miles away.

3.       I read like crazy – it helps me dream.

4.       Because of Lefty, I have learned to control my money before it controls me.

5.       You can have all the money in the world and still be an asshole!  I would rather be broke!

6.       I work on my dreams and practice every single day to get better and better.

7.       My time is precious.  I won’t allow anyone to make their procrastination become my emergency.

8.       I wake up earlier than I used to, so I can focus on the day – it makes my dreams come true. 

9.       To catch my dreams, I have to build my confidence.

10.   I will not get to my dreams overnight – I am patient, and I am kind.  In the end I will live my dream.