Cindy Novotny

The Dream Team

kaite bissinComment

There are so many positive outcomes when working with a team of trusted individuals. First of all, learning how to coincide with others well for a common goal, truly teaches us more about ourselves, than we would expect. It gives us the opportunity to find out what our own strengths are, while discovering aspects of ourselves that we would love to improve. Working in a team effort, teaches us humility, and compromise and can often illustrate individual talents that we never knew we had until we displayed them in a group setting. Hearing other points of view, enriches our own views, even if they are not the same, or if we disagree. The trick is, you have to be open enough to get the best experience of teamwork. You have to let go of insecurities and doubts to really bring your best attributes to the table, and to benefit the group. This weekend, try to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to work with friends or family on a team goal. You will be surprised what you learn about yourself! Always continue to reach, find the highest version of you and let the whole world see it!