Cindy Novotny

A Lifetime of Memories!

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Today, Lefty and I celebrate our marriage anniversary and a lifetime full of memories.  This blog is a reminder of what we have learned, shared and committed to, over the years.  Think about this for your own life regardless of being in a relationship or not, your commitment to friends, family, and colleagues is just as important.  This commitment to each other says a lot about who we are, and what we have to look forward to.  Here are my top ten reasons we make it work!

1.       You can work with your best friend, be married to each other and be happy with your choices

2.       We really know how to communicate with each other - during the good times and the tough times

3.       We never go to sleep mad

4.       We talk to each other first thing in the morning and right before we go to bed – even thousands of miles away a lot of the time

5.       The respect we have for each other is incredible

6.       We put family first

7.       We take care of our employees like they are family

8.       We never stop planning for tomorrow

9.       We live each day with gratitude, as you never know what tomorrow brings

10.   We never take each other for granted

So, this week, think about your relationships and what you have learned from each other, and what you can plan for in the future.  It’s a beautiful life, and it so important to enjoy the journey.