Cindy Novotny

In 2019 Become Unstoppable!


Don’t wait for an apology, don’t wait for explanations and don’t expect anyone to make you successful.  It is all up to you!  Let that acceptance empower you! 

As we kick off 2019, everyone needs to pay close attention to the individuals in your inner circle, who you should be avoiding, and who you should confront.  Don’t let one day of this month go by without taking the appropriate action to get your life on target and to get all of your thoughts organized.

Everyone I know (including me) gets a new planner for the year.  I love my Ink & Volt, and as I began to write my goals down, I realized that I had built up angst bottled inside my thoughts.   Several disappointing things happened over this past year.  Although professionally speaking, this has been a great year, I struggled with some people in our life, both personally, and professionally.  When life is busy and I’m constantly traveling, it can become hectic.  Often, I move on to the next thing, and forget to take time I need to really process how I feel.  I needed to reflect on what they had done, what I could have done differently, and how I will handle these situations in the future.  There are always important things we can learn from experiences that are not so pleasant.   

So, in my new Ink & Volt planner I had to answer the following questions and you may want to answer them as well.

1.       What is my 2019 theme?

2.       What do I want to leave behind from 2018? 

3.       What do I want to make sure I do for 2019 that I didn’t do for 2018?

Take some time and answer these questions.  It is imperative that you discuss them with those in you close inner circle, both professionally and personally.  If you want to make things happen this year, you need to be unstoppable!