Cindy Novotny


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When we think about works in a relationship, whether it is a marriage, a friendship, a business partner, a team member, or a family member, what do you think of first?  In my experience, what seems to define the status of that relationship, is the idea that there is an equal “give and take” from both parties.  There is a balance of opposite strengths and weaknesses.  The better that communication is, of how one helps meet the needs of the other, is truly what develops a stable, and successful union.  This is the most primal example of collaboration.  To collaborate means that you honestly have to let go of the pieces of your ego, that encourage you to make every decision by yourself.  It is a combination of having your own personal humility, combined with the trust, that your collaborative partner, will put the equal amount of energy into a project, that you would ultimately do on your own.  The benefit of this, is that two brains and two sets of ideas or feelings, can coincide to create one monumental vision!  As a business owner, understanding this notion, and consistently incorporating it in my every day life, with my team mates at MCA, has proven to not only elevate the progress of our business, but it has greatly affected our interactions with Clients.  People support people, who support each other.   Business is not always about competition, and if you focus mainly on that, you will lose sight of the actual vision itself, and become attracted to the negative, when you should ultimately be focusing on what is positive for those you work with, and just as importantly, those you work for.  Collaboration is key and is the most valuable practice to ensure success, understanding, and taking your business to the next level.