Cindy Novotny

Fall Clean-up!


I always want to give some ‘real life’ tips that make life just a bit easier.  Today’s blog is about organizing your life.  I was pleasantly surprised to come into our corporate office and see that Carla Michael from our team completely re-organized my office space.  In addition to de-cluttering it she decorated my desk for fall and boy, what a difference it made.  Thank you, Carla XO.

Organizing your life takes time and effort.  I have a very organized travel life.  Everything for my suitcase is in perfect order. But the few times I make it home, I seem to empty all my bags, pouches and files... and yes, they pile up.  No more!  I am going to keep myself organized by packing less ‘stuff.’

So here are some of my new habits – give them a try:

1.       Put things in the perfect place every time

2.       Organize your lists by the date you will accomplish them

3.       Get rid of the pile that says ‘to be filed’

4.       Lighten the load – I carry so much stuff on the road no wonder I have back problems

5.       Go digital with all that you can

6.       Organize your desk so that it looks clean and fresh

7.       Plan your week and then every night look at the next day

8.       Take your desk drawers and dump them out and start over

9.       Tear out articles you want to read and throw the rest of the magazine away

10.   Finally – REWARD yourself with a treat for all your hard work

pc: pinterest

pc: pinterest