Cindy Novotny

Short Getaways to Re-energize Yourself!!!


I can’t believe that it is Labor Day Weekend and for those of you not in the USA, I am sure it is a bank holiday of some sort.  How did this summer go so fast?  Time flies they say.

I was very fortunate to take the month of August and work from our beautiful cottage in Northern Michigan.  Although I was working a bit, I wasn’t on a plane, in a hotel or a meeting.  I was on conference calls, working on my book and talking to clients and my team all the time.   There were mini breaks throughout the entire month that helped re-energize me to take on the last 4 months of the year where my travel schedule kicks back in to gear.  Starting with Morocco, Dubai, London, Ireland, Paris, Mexico and not to mention the stateside travel from sea to shining sea.  

I think mini getaways are so much more relaxing because taking one 2-week vacation can be exhausting.  The tours, the museums, the dinners and the shopping can wear you down.  Planning for a vacation is also overwhelming – where to go, where to stay, etc.  A quick getaway takes less planning.

So how do you make this work?  Take off a few Fridays throughout the year and a few Mondays and make a 2-day weekend turn into a 4-day getaway.  Or you might take a single vacation day and use it to reconnect with friends, family and just doing errands around the house.   

These short breaks give you a chance to disconnect, breathe and jump back into work without a lot of stress.  As you plan for the upcoming holidays – take my advice and ask for some days off.  You will be glad you did.  


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