Cindy Novotny

There is Always Hope!


Never believe that all is lost in your life either in business or in your personal life.  There is always a possibility for a new beginning.  When a sales professional loses a client or a bit of their business, get out of your rut and find new business.  Sulking will get you nowhere.

The same thought applies in your personal life.  Hope can jump start and re-set your day, month and year.  I am amazed at how many people I run into that are ‘downers.’  Nothing is ever right.  It doesn’t matter that the economy is better than ever, these people find reasons why life sucks!

Hope is also not a strategy for success – you must put actions behind your hope to make sure you change behavior.  Only you can give yourself hope and only you can take it away.  There are opportunities everywhere – you just must get out and find them.

What are you waiting for?