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So, You Don’t Give a ‘Rip’…. Neither Do I!

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It simply amazes me how people can act.  Even people you know very well.  When things are going their way, the world is perfect.  The minute things don’t go their way, the shift in attitude is so transparent.  For years I used to let things like this bother me.  I would have a stomach ache over relationships that were not going well, situations that needed to be addressed and just worrying about the next conversation.

Those days are over.  I have worked my tail off to deliver results to our clients, MCA team members, friends and family.  I only ask that I get the same commitment in return.  So, when I don’t get the best of those around me both in business and my personal life, I am just going to move on.  You don’t care, why should I? 

There is no reason to be negative, no reason to argue every issue and no reason to surround yourself with those that don’t have the same commitment as you do. 

As you are reading this ask yourself a few questions about those you consider important in your life –

1.       Do they bring out the best in you and others on the team or in the family?

2.       Do they contribute to the relationship whether at work or home as much as you do?

3.       Are they a team player or in it just for themselves?

4.       Do they constantly create havoc in your life?

5.       What would happen if they were no longer in your life?

These are simple questions to answer and ones that should be discussed with those in your circle.  I believe strongly in living this life to our fullest and those that don’t want to be in the game should move on.  Most of us know that during tough times your real friends and family show up, the ones that don’t are only in your life for their selfish reasons.  Who needs them?  I don’t.  I want to share my love, support, mentoring and leadership with anyone who wants to be part of my team. 

This state of mind creates freedom!  Once you make a commitment and stick to it, you are free to live your whole life.  Enjoy this wonderful ride of life and don’t let anyone drag you down!

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